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Final report on environment enhancement to promote the psychological well-being of non-human primates

Tim Allen, Ruth Bakker, Lisa Bellamy, Charlie Currer, Greg Gaj, Betty Goldentyer, Betsy Lyons, Natalie Roberts, Sylvia Taylor, Dick Watkins, United States, Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, and Animal Care Division, Primate Environment Enhancement Team
Animal welfare and Primates--Behavior
This report was developed by the APHIS Animal Care's Primate Environment Enhancement Team (formed in March 1997) to develop a policy on environmental enrichment for the psychological well-being of non-human primates. This Final Report contains the scientific basis for the Draft Policy and the methods used in developing the Draft Policy. The Draft Policy and request for comments was published in the Federal Register on July 15, 1999. Topics addressed in this report include social communication in non-human primates, social housing, designing enclosure furnishings, foraging, manipulanda, and sensory stimulation. Includes bibliography and glossary.
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Animal Welfare Act History Digital Collection
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