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Innovative Solutions to Human-Wildlife Conflicts: National Wildlife Research Center Accomplishments, 2010

National Wildlife Research Center (U.S.)
As the research arm of Wildlife Services, a program within the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), NWRC develops methods and information to address human-wildlife conflicts related to agriculture, human health and safety, property damage, invasive species, and threatened and endangered species. The NWRC is the only Federal research facility in the United States devoted entirely to the development of methods for effective wildlife damage management, and it’s research authority comes from the Animal Damage Control Act of 1931. The NWRC’s research priorities are based on nationwide research needs assessments, congressional directives, APHIS Wildlife Services program needs, and stakeholder input. The Center is committed to helping resolve the ever-expanding and changing issues associated with human-wildlife conflict management and remains well positioned to address new issues through proactive efforts and strategic planning activities. NWRC research falls under four principal areas that reflect APHIS’ commitment to “protecting agricultural and natural resources from agricultural animal and plant health threats, zoonotic diseases, invasive species, and wildlife conflicts and diseases”. In addition to the four main research areas, the NWRC maintains support functions related to animal care, administration, information transfer, archives, quality assurance, facility development, and legislative and public affairs.
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