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The Rio Grande National Forest climate change plan revision workshop : designing a science-management collaborative process to address 2012 planning rule climate change concerns at the forest plan scale

Molly R. Roske, L. A. Joyce, Linda M. Nagel, Lara K. Peterson, Courtney L. Peterson, Megan Matonis, and Rocky Mountain Research Station (Fort Collins, Colo.)
Forest management, Forests and forestry, Climatic factors, Ecological integrity, Climatic changes, and Planning
Scientists and managers initiated a collaborative process to assist the Rio Grande National Forest (RGNF) with bringing climate change information into its Forest Planning Process. The first objective of the collaborative, 2-day workshop was to present and discuss in a workshop format the salient climate change science for the RGNF landscape, in terms of projections, impacts, and vulnerabilities. The second objective was to facilitate a planning process that would stimulate ideas regarding aspects of current and proposed management that may need modification in light of stressors related to climate change. We used an adaptation decisionmaking framework to structure the workshop. All parties deemed the workshop a success, leading to lessons learned and minimum conditions for replicating similar efforts to effectively meet the 2012 planning rule criteria. As other forests consider undertaking similar collaborative science-management workshops to integrate climate change adaptation into their plan revisions, we recommend: (1) that the workshop take place early in the plan revision process, (2) that there be commitment from the national forest leadership and support for staff to complete a comprehensive look at management actions for climate change adaptation, and (3) that there be clear agreement on expectations of workshop participants - for scientists in their role of providing scientific information and for managers in their role of incorporating that information into the planning process.
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