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Handling Fish Fed to Fish-Eating Animals: A Manual of Standard Operating Procedures

Susan D. Crissey, Susan Bunn Spencer, United States, Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, National Agricultural Library, and Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Piscivores and Fish handling
Most captive fish-eating animals are fed frozen, thawed fish that are received in bulk and have been stored for a period of time before being prepared by cutting and chopping prior to being fed to the animals. Since it is important that nutrient loss and bacterial load in this food source be kept to a minimum, proper handling is essential. This document provides background and guidance for the handling of fish fed to captive fish-eating animals. All points of fish handling are discussed, from ordering, purchasing, and receipt through storage, thawing, and feeding-including cleaning and sanitation-to validating procedures and sampling. Using these guidelines, along with the appropriate documentation as presented in the text and the sample forms, should allow institutions that feed fish-eating animals to meet or exceed regulations current at this time.
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and National Agricultural Library
Animal Welfare Act History Digital Collection
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