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H.R. 3193 - Animal Emergency Planning Act of 2015: To amend the Animal Welfare Act to require that covered persons develop and implement emergency contingency plans.

Dina Titus, Gus M. Bilirakis, Corrine Brown, Tony Cardenas, Katherine M. Clark, Alcee L. Hastings, Michael M. Honda, Sheila Jackson Lee, Frank A. LoBiondo, Tom Marino, James P. McGovern, Jerrold Nadler, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Mike Quigley, Charles B. Rangel, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, United States Government Publishing Office, United States, Congress, House of Representatives, and Committee on Agriculture
Animal welfare--Laws and legislation
This bill amends the Animal Welfare Act to require research facilities, dealers, exhibitors, intermediate handlers, and carriers (covered persons) to develop, document, and follow a contingency plan to provide for the humane handling, treatment, transportation, housing, and care of their animals in the event of an emergency or disaster. The plan must: identify situations that the covered person might experience that would trigger the need to implement the measures identified in the plan; outline tasks to be carried out in response to emergencies or disasters; establish a chain of command and identify the individuals responsible for fulfilling the tasks; and address how response and recovery will be handled in terms of materials, resources, and training needed. Covered persons must review their plan at least annually, train personnel in their roles and responsibilities as outlined in the plan, and provide training when the plan changes. The bill does not preempt state law that provides equal or greater protection for animals.
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