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Introduction of Introduction of H.R. 4691 WOOF! (Welfare of Our Friends) Act of 2017 and H.R. 4693 Puppy Protection Act of 2017

Brian K. Fitzpatrick, Charlie Crist, United States Government Publishing Office, United States, and Congress
Animal welfare--Laws and legislation
WOOF! Act: This bill amends the Animal Welfare Act to prohibit the Department of Agriculture (USDA) from licensing a dealer of dogs whose previous licenses have been suspended or revoked in the last 10 years if the license is for operating a facility that the dealer previously used. Further, USDA may not issue or renew a license to: (1) the dog dealer's immediate family members, (2) a person who resides at the same address as the dog dealer, or (3) certain legal entities if such dealer holds an ownership interest in the entity. Puppy Protection Act: This bill amends the Animal Welfare Act to require the Department of Agriculture to expand standards that govern the humane handling, care, treatment, and transportation of animals to include new requirements for commercial dog dealers. Specifically, the standards must require dog dealers to provide to dogs: (1) adequate housing, exercise, and veterinary care; (2) appropriate and nutritious food; (3) continuous access to potable water; and (4) meaningful socialization with humans and compatible dogs for at least 30 minutes each day. The standards must also include requirements for breeders to use safe breeding practices and make all reasonable efforts to find humane placement for retired breeding dogs.
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