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Thresholds for De Minimis Activity and Exemptions From Licensing Under the Animal Welfare Act, Federal Register

Kay Carter-Corker, United States, Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, and Animal Care
Animal welfare
We are amending the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) regulations to implement amendments to the Act that broadened the scope of the exemptions from the licensing requirements for dealers and exhibitors. Specifically, we are broadening the licensing exemption for any person who maintains four or fewer breeding female dogs, cats, and/or small exotic or wild mammals and only sells the offspring of these animals for pets or exhibition to include additional types of pet animals and domesticated farm-type animals. In addition, we are adding a new licensing exemption for any person who maintains eight or fewer pet animals, small exotic or wild animals, and/or domesticated farm-type animals for exhibition. These actions will allow the Agency to focus its limited resources on situations that pose a higher risk to animal welfare and public safety. Finally, we are making conforming changes to the definitions of dealer and exhibitor to reflect the amendments to the Act and making several miscellaneous changes to the regulations for consistency and to remove redundant and obsolete requirements.
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