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Salvaging Wood from Fallen Trees after Hurricanes Irma and Maria

Caribbean Climate Hub
The USDA Caribbean Climate Hub and the State and Private Forestry Program of the International Institute of Tropical Forestry of the US Forest Service, held a workshop on November 21, 2017 where more than 80 people gathered to identify the opportunities and resources necessary to take advantage of the wood from fallen trees in Puerto Rico after hurricanes Irma and Maria. Due to the economic and cultural value of tropical timber species, economic activities can be created from the available posthurricane plant waste. Millions of fallen trees and branches can be processed to produce compost, mulch, coal and biofuels, or raw material for artisans and construction. There is also economic value in the handling of wood materials, the sale of tools and equipment for transporting and processing, and the sale of valuable wood products. In addition, many wood products store carbon indefinitely, mitigating the increase of CO² in the atmosphere. The main need identified during the discussion was the need to act quickly to avoid the burning and disposal of wood materials in landfills across the country.
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