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Humane Treatment of Dogs and Cats; Temperature Requirements : 9 CFR Parts 2 and 3

United States, Department of Agriculture, and Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
We are amending the regulations for the humane treatment of animals under the Animal Welfare Act by revising certain requirements pertaining to climatic conditions. We are clarifying the current temperature requirements for dogs and cats in indoor, sheltered, and mobile and traveling housing facilities, in primary conveyances used for transportation, and in the animal holding areas of terminal facilities. We are also requiring that any animal covered by the Animal Welfare Act shall never be exposed to combinations of temperature, humidity, and time that would adversely affect the animal’s health and well-being, taking into consideration the animal’s health status, age, breed, or any other pertinent factor. When climatic conditions present a threat to an animal’s health or well-being, appropriate measures must be taken to alleviate the impact of those conditions. This action will help ensure that animals protected by the Animal Welfare Act are maintained in climatic conditions conducive to the animals’ health and well-being.
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