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Animal Welfare; Transportation of Animals on Foreign Air Carriers : 9 CFR Parts 1, 2, and 3

United States, Department of Agriculture, and Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
In this document, we are giving notice of, and requesting comment on, our intent to begin applying the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) regulations and standards for the humane transportation of animals in commerce to all foreign air carriers operating to or from any point within the United States, its territories, possessions, or the District of Columbia. While these AWA regulations and standards have been enforced on U.S. air carriers, foreign air carriers, as a matter of policy, have not been asked to comply with the regulations, although some have done so voluntarily. Our determination to begin regulating foreign air carriers will ensure that any animal covered by the AWA, whether coming into, traveling from point to point in, or leaving the United States, its territories, possessions, or the District of Columbia, will be provided the protection of the AWA regulations and standards. We intend to begin applying these AWA regulations and standards unless substantial issues bearing on the effects of this action are brought to our attention.
Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Administration
Animal Welfare Act History Digital Collection