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Thresholds for De Minimis Activity and Exemptions From Licensing Under the Animal Welfare Act : 9 CFR Parts 1, 2, and 3

United States, Department of Agriculture, and Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
We are proposing to amend the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) regulations in response to a 2014 Farm Bill amendment to the Act that provides the Secretary of Agriculture with the authority to determine that animal dealers and exhibitors are not required to obtain a license under the Act and regulations if the size of the business conducting AWA-related activities is determined to be de minimis by the Secretary. The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has reviewed past compliance with the Animal Welfare Act of currently-regulated facilities and has determined that de minimis businesses, as defined in the rule are capable of providing adequate care and treatment of the animals involved in regulated business activities. We also propose amending the regulations in response to a 2013 amendment to the Act that excludes from the definition of ‘‘exhibitor’’ some owners of household pets that are exhibited occasionally, generate less than a substantial portion of income, and reside exclusively with the owner. Dealers and exhibitors operating at or below the thresholds determined for their particular AWA related business activity would be exempted from Federal licensing requirements established under the Act and regulations. Our proposed actions would amend the regulations to be consistent with the Act while continuing to ensure the humane care and treatment of animals covered under the AWA.
Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Administration
Animal Welfare Act History Digital Collection