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Fruit morphological descriptors as a tool for discrimination of Daucus L. germplasm

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Fruits present major morphological characters used to define genera and species within the Apiaceae. Northern Africa represents a major center of diversity of Daucus, with Tunisia containing at least 12 species and six subspecies.Weassessed 14 mature fruit characters from the Daucus L. germplasm collection at the National Gene Bank of Tunisia. Quantification of variability for each character was investigated using the standardized Shannon–Weaver diversity index (H0). Diversity was established by factorial analysis of correspondence and cluster analysis. The computing H0 index ranged from 0.31 for stylopodium shape to a maximum of 0.81 for spine shape. A mean diversity index for all traits recorded across all populations averaged 0.58 indicating existence of an important genetic diversity within the collection. Multivariate analysis of factorial correspondence and cluster analysis on morphological descriptors permitted the subdivision of the Daucus collection into five distinct groups including one single accession group, two groups with six accessions, one group of nine accessions and one large group with 81 accessions corresponding each one to a species among Daucus except the large group corresponding to D. carota and D. capillifolius. The grouping of populations did not reflect bioclimatic and geographic patterns, suggesting adaptation of populations to local environments. Of equal importance, our study shows the effectiveness of fruit characters alone to identify species in this collection of Daucus.
Najla Mezghani , Iman Zaouali , Wided Bel Amri , Slim Rouz , Philipp W. Simon , Chérif Hannachi , Zeineb Ghrabi , Mohamed Neffati , Béchir Bouzbida , David M. Spooner
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Genetic resources and crop evolution 2014 2 1 v.61 no.2
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