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The Ecological Areawide Management (TEAM) of leafy spurge program of the United States Department of Agriculture‚ÄďAgricultural Research Service

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The Ecological Areawide Management (TEAM) of Leafy Spurge program was developed to focus research and control efforts on a single weed, leafy spurge, and demonstrate the effectiveness of a coordinated, biologically based, integrated pest management program (IPM). This was accomplished through partnerships and teamwork that clearly demonstrated the advantages of the biologically based IPM approach. However, the success of regional weed control programs horizontally across several states and provinces also requires a vertical integration of several sectors of society. Awareness and education are the essential elements of vertical integration. Therefore, a substantial effort was made to produce a wide variety of information products specifically designed to educate different segments of society. During its tenure, land managers and agency decision makers have seen the potential of using the TEAM approach to accelerate the regional control of leafy spurge. The example set by the TEAM organization and participants is viewed as a model for future weed-control efforts.
Gerald L. Anderson , Chad W. Prosser , Lloyd E. Wendel , Ernest S. Delfosse , Robert M. Faust
USDA Scientist Submission
Pest management science 2003 5 27 v.59 no.6-7
Published for SCI by Wiley
Journal Articles, USDA Authors, Peer-Reviewed
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