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Review of Ilatha Fischer (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Alysiinae), Including Descriptions of Six New Species and a Key to Species

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The following new species from the Neotropical Region are described: Ilatha buffingtoni Kula, Dix-Luna, and Shaw; Ilatha cloptoni Kula, Dix-Luna, and Shaw; Ilatha dasygaster Kula, Dix-Luna, and Shaw; Ilatha henospilota Kula, Dix-Luna, and Shaw; Ilatha plaumanni Kula, Dix-Luna, and Shaw; and Ilatha stiremani Kula, Dix-Luna, and Shaw. Diagnoses are provided for differentiating all species of Ilatha Fischer, as is a key. Ilatha dasygaster is reported as a parasitoid of a species near Calolydella geminata Townsend (Tachinidae: Exoristinae) parasitizing Actinote stratonice Latreille (Nymphalidae: Acraeinae) on Munnozia pinnatipartita (Hieron.) H. Rob. & Brettell (Asterales: Asteraceae). Ilatha stiremani is reported as a parasitoid of an undetermined species of Tachinidae parasitizing Psaliodes strigosa Warren (Geometridae: Larentiinae) on Diplazium costale var. robustum. (Sodiro) Stolze (Polypodiales: Dryopteridaceae). The aforementioned new host records are the first for any species of Ilatha. The following new distribution records at the country level are reported: Ilatha erythrogaster (Cameron) from Argentina and Colombia; Ilatha longicornis (Cameron) from Mexico; Ilatha pulchripennis (Cameron) from Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru; and Ilatha xanthoptera (Cameron) from Costa Rica. New distribution records for Ilatha are reported from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, and Venezuela based on new and previously described species treated in this research.
Kula Robert R. , Dix-Luna Oscar , Shaw Scott R.
USDA Scientist Submission
Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 2012 8 v.114 no.3
The Entomological Society of Washington
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