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Conference on Access to Food, September 18-19, 1995 : report of the proceedings

United States, Department of Agriculture., Food and Consumer Service., Office of Analysis and Evaluation., and KRA Corporation
Food relief and Nutrition policy
This conference brought together retailers, academicians, researchers, community development corporations, and community residents to present and discuss strategies for improving access to nutritious and affordable food in under-served urban and rural areas. The three key themes of the conference were supermarket development, alternatives to supermarkets, and food security. The following emerged as the highlights of the conference: (1) there is a link between food access and economic development; (2) supermarket development is a key strategy for improving food access; (3) cooperative food stores can work well in both urban and rural areas; (4) urban agriculture allows for the involvement of a range of people from children to the elderly; (5) farmers markets benefit low-income communities as well as farmers; (6) public markets increase access to food and revitalize cities; (7) the development and improvement of independent small and moderate stores can meet the unique needs of neighborhoods; (8) transportation options offer an alternative means of improving access; (9) there are several sources of funding which can be used for the development of supermarkets and other access strategies; (10) food access and food security are linked.
15 p. ; 28 cm.
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Service, Office of Analysis and Evaluation
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