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Identification of genes induced in proteoid roots of white lupin under nitrogen and phosphorus deprivation, with functional characterization of a formamidase

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White lupin (Lupinus albus L.) is considered a model system for understanding plant acclimation to nutrient deficiency. It acclimates to phosphorus (P) and iron (Fe) deficiency by the development of short, densely clustered lateral roots called proteoid (or cluster) roots; proteoid-root development is further influenced by nitrogen (N) supply. In an effort to better understand proteoid root function under various nutrient deficiencies, we used nylon filter arrays to analyze 2,102 expressed sequence tags (ESTs) from proteoid roots of P-deficient white lupin. These have been previously analyzed for up-regulation in −P proteoid roots, and were here analyzed for up-regulation in proteoid roots of N-deprived plants. We identified a total of 19 genes that displayed up-regulation in proteoid roots under both P and N deprivation. One of these genes showed homology to putative formamidases. The corresponding open reading frame was cloned, overexpressed in E. coli, and the encoded protein was purified; functional characterization of the recombinant protein confirmed formamidase activity. Though many homologues of bacterial and fungal formamidases have been identified in plants, to our knowledge, this is the first report of a functional characterization of a plant formamidase.
Rath, Mousumi , Salas, Jay , Parhy, Bandita , Norton, Robert , Menakuru, Himabindu , Sommerhalter, Monika , Hatlstad, Greg , Kwon, Jaimyoung , Allan, Deborah L. , Vance, Carroll P. , Uhde-Stone, Claudia
Includes references
Plant and soil 2010 Sept., v. 334, no. 1-2
Springer Netherlands
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