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Licensing Requirements for Dogs and Cats

United States Government Publishing Office, United States, Department of Agriculture, and Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
This document announces our response to a petition submitted to us by the Doris Day Animal League. The petition requested that we amend the definition of ``retail pet store'' to include only nonresidential business establishments and that we regulate dealers of hunting, breeding, and security dogs in the same manner as dealers of other types of dogs. We have decided to retain our current definition of ``retail pet store.'' Based on our experience enforcing the regulations, we have determined that the current definition is sufficient to ensure the humane handling, care, and treatment of dogs and cats and is consistent with the congressional intent of the Animal Welfare Act. We have also decided to begin regulating wholesale dealers of dogs intended for hunting, breeding, and security purposes. We will regulate these dealers under the same regulations currently in place for wholesale dealers of other dogs. We believe this action will help ensure the humane handling, care, and treatment of hunting, breeding, and security dogs.
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Animal Welfare Act History Digital Collection
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