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Humane Treatment of Dogs and Cats; Wire Flooring. Rules and Regulations

United States Government Publishing Office and United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Federal Register 1998 v. 63 no. 13
We are amending the regulations under the Animal Welfare Act regarding suspended flooring of mesh or slatted construction in primary enclosures for dogs and cats. We are requiring that such flooring made of metal strands be constructed either of metal strands greater than \1/8\ of an inch in diameter or of metal strands equal to or less than \1/8\ of an inch in diameter coated with a material such as plastic or fiberglass. We are also requiring that any primary enclosure with a suspended floor for a dog or cat be constructed so that the floor does not bend or sag between the supports. It is our experience that suspended flooring made of wire (by which we mean any metal strand that has a diameter equal to or less than \1/8\ of an inch) is uncomfortable on animals' feet and contributes to foot injuries and that suspended flooring made of coated wire or made of metal strands larger than wire causes fewer such problems. It is also our experience that suspended floors that bend and sag can cause psychological trauma for dogs who must try to balance on them. We believe that adding these requirements will improve comfort for dogs and cats housed in primary enclosures with suspended floors and will help eliminate foot injuries to these animals.
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