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Humane Treatment of Dogs and Cats; Tethering and Temperature Requirements

United States Government Publishing Office, United States, Department of Agriculture, and Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
We are proposing to amend the regulations for the humane treatment of dogs and cats under the Animal Welfare Act by removing the provisions for tethering dogs as a means of primary enclosure. We are also proposing to amend the regulations by revising the temperature requirements for indoor, sheltered, and mobile and traveling housing facilities, and for primary conveyances used in transportation, to require that the ambient temperature must never exceed 90 deg.F (32.2 deg.C) when dogs or cats are present. We are taking these actions because our experience in enforcing the Animal Welfare Act has led us to conclude that tethering dogs as a means of primary enclosure is not a humane practice. Also, temperatures exceeding 90 deg.F can be harmful to dogs and cats. These actions will help ensure that dogs and cats in facilities regulated under the Animal Welfare Act will be treated in a humane manner. DATES: Consideration will be given only to comments received on or before September 3, 1996.
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Animal Welfare Act History Digital Collection
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