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Animal Welfare; Definitions for and Reporting of Pain and Distress. Proposed Rules

United States Government Publishing Office and United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Federal Register 2000 v. 65 no. 132
We are considering several changes to the Animal Welfare regulations to promote the humane treatment of live animals used in research, testing, and teaching and to improve the quality of information we report to Congress concerning animal pain and distress. Specifically, we are considering adding a definition for the term ``distress.'' Although this term is used throughout the Animal Welfare regulations, it is not defined. The addition of such a definition would clarify what we consider to be ``distress'' and could help assist research facilities to recognize and minimize distress in animals in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). We are also considering replacing or modifying the system we use to classify animal pain and distress. Professional standards regarding the recognition and relief of animal pain and distress have changed significantly since we established our classification system. Some biomedical research professionals and animal welfare advocates believe our classification system is outdated and inadequate. A different categorization system could produce data that more accurately depict the nature of animal pain or distress and provide a better tool to measure efforts made to minimize animal pain and distress at research facilities. We are soliciting public comments on the changes we are considering. We are also interested in obtaining information on specific pain and distress classification systems other than the one we now use.
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