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Sugarcane Yield Responses of Four Cultivars to Three Planting Dates in Louisiana

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Louisiana sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) farms are increasing in size thus the period of planting has been extended. Both earlier and later dates are used in an effort to maximize farm efficiency as growers contend with having to plant fields and harvest sugarcane for processing where planting is delayed. This research was conducted to determine if yields of four sugarcane varieties were affected by date of planting in Louisiana. Sugarcane varieties LCP 85-384, Ho 95-988, HoCP 96-540, and L 97-128 were hand-planted in mid-August, mid-September, and mid-October in 2004 and 2005. Shoot number, stalk height, cane yield, theoretical recoverable sucrose (TRS), and sucrose yield were analyzed in the plant-cane and first-ratoon harvests. August planting resulted in 10 and 25 more Mg ha-1 of cane compared with planting in September and October, respectively, and 2000 and 3000 more kg sucrose ha-1 for plant cane, respectively, across two plant-cane harvests. For cane yield, TRS, and sucrose yield, all varieties responded similarly to planting date. Overall, results suggest early planting increased cane and sucrose yield in the plant-cane crop for the varieties tested but the effects did not transfer to firstratoon crop suggesting that the effects of early planting were short term.
White, Paul M. Jr. , Viator, Ryan P. , Richard, Edward P. Jr.
Includes references
Journal of the American Society of Sugar Cane Technologists 2010, v. 30
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