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Nonparticipation and problems of access in the Food Stamp Program : a review of the literature

Schafft, Gretchen Engle., Millsap, William., and United States Department of Agriculture. Food and Consumer Service. Office of Analysis and Evaluation.
Food stamps, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, social welfare programs, and United States
Reviews literature about participation and nonparticipation in the Food Stamp Program and initiatives within it that have informed hard-to-reach client groups about food stamps and/or assisted clients in the application process. The review encompasses five sections: the first discusses the background of efforts to reach client groups who appear to be underrepresented among food stamp participants; the second reviews research literature based on survey data that describes patterns of non-participation in the FSP; the third section reviews literature based on direct interviewing or ethnographic observation of people in financial need and their attitudes toward public benefit programs; the fourth section examines systematic efforts to provide outreach and client assistance; and the fifth section discusses what the literature offers to our understanding of patterns and problem of access to FSP participation.
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Service, Office of Analysis and Evaluation
USDA publications