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The food choices of low-income households : final report, January 12, 1988

Kisker, Ellen Eliason,, Devaney, Barbara L., Mathematica Policy Research, Inc, and United States Food and Nutrition Service.
food purchasing, low income households, diet, and nutritional status
Abstract: The objective of this report is to examine the food choices of low-income households in order to understand the factors accounting for differences among low-income households in the nutritional adequacy of their food choices. The data used are from the 1979-80 Survey of Food Consumption in Low-Income Households, a survey of household food use that was conducted from November 1979 through March 1980 using a national sample of 2900 low-income households. The analysis has four components: (1) an examination of the quantities of food used, the money value of food used, the prices paid, the share of the food budget devoted to different food groups, and nutrient densities; (2) a comparison of the food choices of FSP participants and low-income nonparticipants; (3) an analysis of the extent to which the diets of low-income households resemble the 1983 Thrifty Food Plan (TFP); and (4) an analysis of the perceived adequacy of household food supplies.
Mathematica Policy Research
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