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Evaluation of the application of Regulation E to EBT systems : final report

Kirlin, John A., Abt Associates, and United States Department of Agriculture. Food and Consumer Service. Office of Analysis and Evaluation.
Electronic funds transfers -- United States, Electronic benefits transfers -- United States, Banks and banking -- United States, cost analysis, laws and regulations, banking, and United States
In an effort to provide empirical evidence on the impacts of applying regulation E to EBT systems, federal and state agencies used the Federal' Reserve's 3-year implementation period to conduct a series of demonstrations in which several sites with EBT systems operated under the Reg E provisions for 12 months. The purposes of the demonstrations were to learn more about the likely impacts of Reg E on aadministrative costs and benefit replacements; assess the effectiveness of different strategies for implementing Reg E and controlling claims of benefit loss and prepare funding plans for any costs associated with the application of Reg E. This report presents the findings from an evaluation of these demonstrations. The principal findings were (1) that Reg E had no consistant impact on the number of claims submitted; and (2) That Reg E's impact on liability arising from replaced benefits was quite small.
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Service, Office of Analysis and Evaluation
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