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Perspectives on wheat quality: Why does the definition keep changing?

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The definition of wheat quality changes during each stage of the breeding, marketing, milling and end-use of the grain utilization process. This article summarizes aspects of wheat quality throughout this process, as well as current and potential testing methodologies, intended to be discussed at the "Assessment of Grain Quality – From Breeders to Store Shelf" symposium, to be held at the 2010 AACC International Meeting in Savannah, GA, USA, in Oct. 2010. Aspects considered include: advances in genetic manipulation, DNA marker assisted selection and rapid phenotyping that have impacted breeding efforts to improve or alter wheat quality; quality during marketing and grain movement; defining wheat quality for milling; analysing and defining flour quality; phytochemicals conferring health benefits in wheat and methods for their analysis; and laboratory-based techniques and the use of wheat breeding programs to advance knowledge in the whole wheat marketing and utilization chain.
Bettge, A.D. , Finnie, S.M.
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Cereal foods world 2010 May-June, v. 55, no. 3
Journal Articles, USDA Authors, Peer-Reviewed
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