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Evaluation of the waxy endosperm trait in proso millet (Panicum miliaceum)

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The entire USDA-ARS maintained collection of 650 accessions of proso millet (Panicum miliaceum L.) was evaluated for the presence of accessions with waxy (amylose-free) endosperm starch. Six accessions, five of which derived from mainland China, were identified. Segregation ratios for waxy endosperm were evaluated in F₂ and F₃ populations derived from crosses between two waxy accessions, PI 436625 (Lung Shu 16) and PI 436626 (Lung Shu 18), and several wild-type accessions. The waxy trait was found to be under the control of duplicate recessive alleles at two loci, herein designated wx-1 and wx-2. Wild-type alleles at these loci were designated Wx-1 and Wx-2. Iodine-binding revealed a mean grain-starch amylose concentration of 3.5% in waxy lines and 25.3% in wild-type proso. Expression of the granule-bound starch synthase (waxy protein) in waxy lines was reduced to approximately one-tenth that of wild-type accessions. The waxy accessions identified now are available for the introgression of this trait into breeding lines adapted to the Great Plains of North America.
Graybosch, R.A. , Baltensperger, D.D.
Includes references
Plant breeding 2009 Feb., v. 128, no. 1
Blackwell Publishing Ltd
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