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Expressed sequence reference standards for evaluating stage-specific gene expression in the southern green lacewing, Chrysoperla rufilabris

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To initiate the availability and use of functional molecular genetic tools for the southern green lacewing, Chrysoperla rufilabris, a small set of expressed sequences was deposited in the GenBank and a subset of those sequences were analysed for utility as genetic standards. RT-PCR reactions using five developmental stages of the insect and nine pairs of primers identified three sequences that are highly expressed at all life stages and six sequences that are differentially expressed at lower levels. These primer pairs may be used as reference standards to quantify functional gene expression (as indicated by transcript abundance) associated with physiological processes such as reproduction, nutrition and diapause. While the small set of sequences for this species deposited to date is by no means a comprehensive genomic resource, the small sampling of transcriptome data proved very useful in establishing a set of functional genetic assay standards.
Allen, Margaret L. , Walker, William B. III
Includes references
Biocontrol science and technology 2010, v. 20, no. 5-6
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