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6,6'-Dimethoxygossypol: molecular structure, crystal polymorphism, and solvate formation

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6,6′-Dimethoxygossypol (DMG) is a naturally occurring derivative of gossypol that is found in relatively high concentration in some Gossypium barbadense cotton varieties. Like gossypol, DMG forms an equimolar solvate with acetic acid, but it was not known if, like gossypol, the compound would also form clathrates with other molecules. To test for this, the compound was crystallized from different solvents. Four new structures of DMG were found that include two polymorphic and two solvated forms. The polymorphs include two monoclinic structures with P21/c and C2/c space groups (P1 and P2, respectively). Packing of the DMG molecules P1 is similar to packing of the gossypol molecules in the P1 polymorphic form of gossypol. The DMG molecules in P2 pack in a highly ordered arrangement that has not been previously observed among gossypol structures. DMG forms equimolar solvates with water (S1) and cyclohexanone (S2). Both structures are triclinic with P1̄ space groups. The DMG molecules in S2 assemble in a manner that is similar to the gossypol molecules of gossypol-cyclohexanone (1:1), and the DMG molecules in S1 pack in a manner that is similar to the DMG molecules in DMG-acetic acid (1:1) as well as the gossypol molecules in gossypol-acetic acid (1:1). Although DMG is not as versatile a host compound as gossypol, it still forms solvates under many crystallization conditions. Consequently, some care is needed to be sure that one understands exactly which form is recovered when the compound is isolated.
Zelaya, Carlos A. , Stevens, Edwin D. , Dowd, Michael K.
Includes references
Structural chemistry 2010 Feb., v. 21, no. 1
Journal Articles, USDA Authors, Peer-Reviewed
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