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Effect of somatic cell count in goat milk on yield, sensory quality, and fatty acid profile of semisoft cheese

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This study investigated the effect of somatic cell count (SCC) in goat milk on yield, free fatty acid (FFA) profile, and sensory quality of semisoft cheese. Sixty Alpine goats without evidence of clinical mastitis were assigned to 3 groups with milk SCC level of <500,000 (low), 500,000 to 1,000,000 (medium), and 1,000,000 to 1,500,000 (high) cells/mL. Thirty kilograms of goat milk with mean SCC levels of 410,000 (low), 770,000 (medium), and 1,250,000 (high) cells/mL was obtained for the manufacture of semisoft cheese for 2 consecutive weeks in 3 lactation stages. The composition of milk was analyzed and cheese yield was recorded on d 1. Cheese samples on d 1, 60, and 120 were analyzed for total sensory scores, flavor, and body and texture by a panel of 3 expert judges and were also analyzed for FFA. Results indicated that milk composition did not change when milk SCC varied from 214,000 to 1,450,000 cells/mL. Milk with higher SCC had a lower standard plate count, whereas coliform count and psychrotrophic bacteria count were not affected. However, milk components (fat, protein, lactose, casein, and total solids) among the 3 groups were similar. As a result, no significant differences in the yield of semisoft goat cheeses were detected. However, total sensory scores and body and texture scores for cheeses made from the high SCC milk were lower than those for cheeses made from the low and medium SCC milks. The difference in milk SCC levels also resulted in diverse changes in cheese texture (hardness, springiness, and so on) and FFA profiles. Individual and total FFA increased significantly during ripening, regardless the SCC levels. It is concluded that SCC in goat milk did not affect the yield of semisoft cheese but did result in inferior sensory quality of aged cheeses.
Chen, S.X. , Wang, J.Z. , Van Kessel, J.S. , Ren, F.Z. , Zeng, S.S.
Includes references
Journal of dairy science 2010 Apr., v. 93, no. 4
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