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Effect of elicitors on the production of gossypol and methylated gossypol in cotton hairy roots

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The effect of two chemical elicitors, salicylic acid and methyl jasmonate, on the production of gossypol, 6-methoxygossypol, and 6,6'-dimethoxygossypol in Gossypium barbadense hairy roots was examined. Methyl jasmonate, but not salicylic acid, was found to increase the production of gossypol and its methylated forms, but with a concomitant reduction in culture growth. The optimal methyl jasmonate dose was between 100 and 300 μM for hairy roots harvested 7 days after elicitation. After 20 d of induction with 100 μM methyl jasmonate, an eightfold increase in the level of gossypol was observed in elicited cultures compared with control cultures, double the highest gossypol levels previously reported for any cotton tissue. A two to threefold increase in the level of 6-methoxygossypol and a slight increase in the levels of 6,6'-dimethoxygossypol were also observed. Although methyl jasmonate stimulated the production of both optical forms of gossypol, the distribution of the enantiomers was different between elicited and control cultures.
Frankfater, Cheryl R. , Dowd, Michael K. , Triplett, Barbara A.
Includes references
Plant cell, tissue, and organ culture 2009 Sept., v. 98, no. 3
Springer Netherlands
Journal Articles, USDA Authors, Peer-Reviewed
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