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Anthocoris confusus Collected from Western Washington State, with a Summary of North American Records (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Anthocoridae)

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The predatory true bug Anthocoris confusus Reuter is native to Europe and Asia. Scattered records for this species in North America date from 1929. In 2007––2008, we collected adults and nymphs of A. confusus from deciduous trees in western Washington State. This is the second North American record for A. confusus from west of the Rocky Mountains, and is the first record from the western United States. Specimens were collected from European beech (Fagus sylvatica; Fagaceae) and linden (Tilia sp.; Tiliaceae). The linden trees were heavily infested with the aphid Eucallipterus tiliae. The presence of adult and immature bugs, and the occurrence of the species at the collecting site in consecutive years, suggests that A. confusus is established at this location. We summarize North American records for A. confusus, briefly discuss host plant records, and list traits used to separate A. confusus from other Anthocoris spp. Additional predatory Heteroptera collected from linden and European beech included three other Old World species, Anthocoris nemoralis (Anthocoridae), Campyloneura virgula (Miridae), and Orthotylus nassatus (Miridae), as well as one native species, Deraeocoris fasciolus (Miridae); the record for O. nassatus is the first for this species from western North America.
Horton David R. , Lewis Tamera M.
Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 2009 7 v.111 no.3
The Entomological Society of Washington
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