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Irradiation control of insect pests of dried fruits and walnuts

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A discussion of irradiation as an alternative to chemical treatment, covering the scope of the problem, the efficiency of radiation in killing insect pests, effects on food quality, practical application, the problem of re-treatment, safety and consumer acceptance and economics. It is concluded that it is unlikely that irradiation would ever be a complete substitute for fumigation within the dried fruit and nut industry. Given the problems of reinfestation and the need for re-treatment (which would require movement of the product back through the irradiator), its use becomes practical only when coupled with some type of protective measure designed to prevent reinfestation, such as controlled atmosphere. Where rapid treatment is not critical, controlled atmosphere might be a more economic alternative for products in storage. When rapid treatment of relatively small amounts of product is required, particularly of outgoing packaged products, irradiation may be a viable option. In both cases, contract irradiators may be the most cost-effective.
Johnson, J. , Marcotte, M.
Includes references
Food technology June 1999. v. 53 (6)
Journal Articles, USDA Authors, Peer-Reviewed
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