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Microsatellite markers and genetic diversity assessment in Lolium temulentum

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Lolium and Festuca are two important genera of cool-season forage and turf grasses worldwide. Lolium temulentum L. (darnel ryegrass) has been proposed as a model species for genomics studies of cool-season forage and turf grasses. A study with 41 darnel ryegrass, three tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.), two tetraploid fescue (F. glaucescens), and two meadow fescue (F. pratensis) genotypes was initiated to (i) identify a set of microsatellite (simple sequence repeats) markers useful for L. temulentum L., and (ii) to utilize such markers for assessing the genetic variability of L. temulentum accessions collected from different geographical regions of the world. A total of 40 tall fescue (TF) EST-SSRs and 60 Festuca-Lolium (F x L) genomic SSRs were screened on a subset of eight genotypes. The selected 30 tall fescue EST-SSRs and 32 F x L genomic SSRs were used for further analysis of genotypes. The TF-EST- and the F x L genomic-SSRs identified 10.3 and 9.3 alleles per marker, respectively with an average polymorphic information content (PIC) value of 0.66. The phenogram based on 319 EST-SSR and 296 genomic SSR fragments, grouped L. temulentum accessions into three major clusters except for accession ABY-BA 8892.78. Lolium temulentum accession ABY-BA 8892.78 did not cluster with any other accession. The Festuca clusters were distantly related with darnel ryegrass clusters with a similarity coefficient of 0.26. The selected set of tall fescue EST- and F x L genomic SSRs were useful in assessing L. temulentum genetic diversity and could benefit the genetic improvement of members of the Festuca-Lolium complex.
Kirigwi, Francis M. , Zwonitzer, John C. , Mian, M.A. Rouf , Wang, Zeng-Yu , Saha, Malay C.
Includes references
Genetic resources and crop evolution 2008 Feb., v. 55, no. 1
Springer Netherlands
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