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Registration of PD 99035 Germplasm Line of Cotton

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PD 99035 (Reg. No. GP-902, PI 653111) is a noncommercial breeding line of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) jointly released by the USDA-ARS, the Clemson University Experiment Station, and Cotton Incorporated in 2007. PD 99035 was selected from a cross of PD 93043 and 'DPL 5409'. PD 99035 possesses outstanding fiber-quality properties, significantly better than several commercial cultivars. Specifically, PD 99035 possesses outstanding fiber strength and length potential, while also maintaining micronaire values lower than commercial cultivars. PD 99035 possesses mid- to late maturity and produces lint yield similar to or just below commercial cultivars. PD 99035 is best adapted within the southeastern United States, although our data also suggest it has broad adaptation across the U.S. Upland cotton production region. The combination of longer fiber length, stronger fiber strength, lower micronaire, and acceptable lint yield potential makes PD 99035 a valuable genetic resource to cotton breeding programs.
Campbell, B.T. , May, O.L. , Howle, D.S. , Jones, D.C.
Includes references
Journal of plant registrations 2009 Jan., v. 3, no. 1
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