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Registration of WSRC01, WSRC02, and WSRC03 Winter-Hardy Safflower Germplasm

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Winter-hardy safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) germplasm lines WSRC01 (Reg. No. GP-38, PI 651878) WSRC02 (Reg. No. GP-39, PI 651879), and WSRC03 (Reg. No. GP-40, PI 651880) were developed at the USDA-ARS, Western Regional Plant Introduction Station, Pullman, WA. All three lines were developed from germplasm originating in China and derived from two cycles of recurrent mass selection. Plants of each original accession were fall planted at Pullman (elevation 786 m), and seed of surviving plants was bulked for each cycle. In tests at Pullman and Central Ferry (elevation 206 m), WA, selection increased winter survival an average of 4.1% for WSRC01, 25.3% for WSRC02, and 94.5% for WSRC03, with the increase significant for WSRC02 and WSRC03 (P < 0.05). Average winter survival for WSRC01 was 88%, for WSRC02 84%, and for WSRC03 78%. Survival for spring-type cultivars was zero in all tests. This is the first release of winter-hardy safflower and is expected to be useful in breeding improved winter safflower with potential adaptation to areas of the western United States and the southern Great Plains, in addition to international regions such as the Mediterranean basin and southwest Asia.
Johnson, R.C. , Li, Dajue
Includes references
Journal of plant registrations 2008 May, v. 2, no. 2
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