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Insecticidal effect of spinosad dust, in combination with diatomaceous earth, against two stored-grain beetle species

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Laboratory bioassays were carried out to determine the efficacy of spinosad applied alone or combined with the diatomaceous earth (DE) SilicoSec against adult rice weevils, Sitophilus oryzae and confused flour beetles, Tribolium confusum. Efficacy was assessed on wheat and maize at three dosages of spinosad dust formulation (corresponding to 0.0625, 0.1875 and 0.625 ppm of active ingredient [AI] for S. oryzae and to 0.1875, 0.625 and 1.25 ppm of AI for T. confusum), alone or combined with SilicoSec at 150 ppm for S. oryzae and 250 ppm for T. confusum. The mortality of S. oryzae exposed for 14 d on wheat treated with spinosad ranged between 83% and 100%. Conversely, the mortality of S. oryzae on maize treated with DE or on maize treated with lower doses of spinosad dust did not exceed 19% and was only 59% on maize with the highest spinosad dust treatment. Generally, the presence of SilicoSec combined with spinosad did not significantly increase S. oryzae mortality compared with spinosad alone. For T. confusum, mortality on both commodities was lower than for S. oryzae. After 14 d of exposure on wheat, mortality was 14% at the highest dose of spinosad, but increased to 33% in the presence of DE. Similar results were also obtained for T. confusum exposed on treated maize, which indicated a joint action between spinosad and DE. In the case of S. oryzae, the inclusion of DE reduced progeny production in comparison with spinosad alone. Progeny production of T. confusum was relatively low in all treatments, compared to progeny production of S. oryzae. The results of the study show the potential of combination treatments of spinosad dust and DE, but efficacy varies with the target insect species and commodity.
Chintzoglou, G. , Athanassiou, C.G. , Arthur, F.H.
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Journal of stored products research 2008, v. 44, issue 4
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