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Monitoring Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) in pilot-scale warehouses treated with b-cyfluthrin: are residual insecticides and trapping compatible?

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Integrated pest management strategies for cereal processing facilities often include both pheromone-baited pitfall traps and crack and crevice applications of a residual insecticide such as the pyrethroid cyfluthrin. In replicated pilot-scale warehouses, a 15-week-long experiment was conducted comparing population trends suggested by insect captures in pheromone-baited traps to direct estimates obtained by sampling the food patches in untreated and cyfluthrin-treated warehouses. Warehouses were treated, provisioned with food patches and then infested with all life stages of Tribolium castaneum (Herbst). Food patches, both those initially infested and additional uninfested, were surrounded by cyfluthrin bands to evaluate if insects would cross the bands. Results show that insect captures correlated with population trends determined by direct product samples in the untreated warehouses, but not the cyfluthrin-treated warehouses. However, dead insects recovered from the floor correlated with the insect densities observed with direct samples in the cyfluthrin-treated warehouses. Initially, uninfested food patches were exploited immediately and after six weeks harbored similar infestation densities to the initially infested food patches. These data show that pest management professionals relying on insect captures in pheromone-baited traps in cyfluthrin-treated structures could be deceived into believing that a residual insecticide application was suppressing population growth, when the population was actually increasing at the same rate as an untreated population.
Toews, M.D. , Arthur, F.H. , Campbell, J.F.
Includes references
Bulletin of entomological research 2009 Apr., v. 99, issue 2
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