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Transgene expression for Gladiolus plants grown outdoors and in the greenhouse

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Transgene expression was evaluated for Gladiolus plants transformed with either the CaMV 35S, double CaMV 35S, rolD, or Arabidopsis UBQ3 promoter controlling the uidA or bean yellow mosaic virus coat protein gene in either the sense or antisense orientation to determine differences in expression for plants grown in the greenhouse and outdoors for two years. There was more variability in GUS expression when plants were grown outdoors than in the greenhouse for two years. Four of the six transformed plant lines with the UBQ3, rolD, and CaMV 35S promoters grown outdoors showed significant differences in GUS expression from year to year as compared to two of the six lines with the UBQ3 and rolD promoters grown in the greenhouse. When grown the same year, two plant lines with the CaMV 35S and one line with the rolD promoter showed 2-16x higher levels of GUS expression outdoors than in the greenhouse, and one plant line with the UBQ3 promoter had 31x higher GUS expression in the greenhouse instead of outdoors. Three of six plant lines transformed with the bean yellow mosaic virus coat protein gene in either the sense or antisense orientation under control of the double CaMV 35S promoter showed obvious transgene expression as compared to three lines that did not show expression or negligible expression for both years when plants were grown both outdoors and in the greenhouse. This study verified long-term gene expression, rather than silencing, for Gladiolus plants when grown outdoors and in the greenhouse from year to year.
Kamo, Kathryn
Includes references
Scientia horticulturae 2008 July 23, v. 117, no. 3
Elsevier Science
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