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Nutrient flux in storm water runoff and baseflow from managed turf

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The urban landscape is comprised of many land uses, none more intensively managed than turfgrass; however, quantification of nutrient losses from specific land uses within urban watersheds, specifically golf courses is limited. Nitrate (NO3-N) and dissolved reactive phosphorus (DRP) were measured on a golf course in Austin, TX, USA from April 1, 1998 to March 31, 2003. NO3-N and DRP concentrations measured in storm flow were significantly greater exiting the course compared to those entering the course. Significant differences were also measured in baseflow NO3-N concentrations. The measured loading from the course was 4.0 kg NO3-N ha 1 yr 1 (11% of applied) and 0.66 kg DRP ha 1 yr 1 (8% of applied). The resulting concentrations contributed by the course were 1.2 mg L 1 NO3-N and 0.2 mg L 1 DRP. At these levels, NO3-N poses minimal environmental risk. However, the DRP concentration is twice the recommended level to guard against eutrophication
King, K.W. , Balogh, J.C. , Harmel, R.D.
Includes references
Environmental pollution 2007 Dec., v. 150, issue 3
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