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1. Monitoring gene flow between wild relatives and landraces of common bean in Costa Rica (id:IND43757076)


2. Experiment station work, LII : treatment of muck soils, effect of machine milking on cows, manures for timothy hay, corn breeding, milk supply of cities, yellow berry in wheat, the crow, weed seeds in feeding stuffs, labor, wages and cost of board in Minnesota (id:ORC00000126)


3. Experiment station work, XLVIII : plant breeding on the farm, forage crops for pigs, sorghum for silage, market classes and grades of horses and mules, dry rot of corn, starch from sweet potatoes, profitable and unprofitable cows, profits from tomato growing, the keeping of apples, blackhead in turkeys, weed seeds in feeding stuffs, an improved hog cot (id:ORC00000118)