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1. Experiment station work, XLVIII : plant breeding on the farm, forage crops for pigs, sorghum for silage, market classes and grades of horses and mules, dry rot of corn, starch from sweet potatoes, profitable and unprofitable cows, profits from tomato growing, the keeping of apples, blackhead in turkeys, weed seeds in feeding stuffs, an improved hog cot (id:ORC00000118)


2. Experiment station work, XL : insoluble phosphates, soluble oils for San Jose scale, forms and methods of applying lime, corn as food for man, sediment in irrigation water, storing preserves and canned goods, hardy Bermuda grass, incubation of chickens, Williamson method of corn culture, prevention of nodule disease in lambs, killing sassafras sprouts, some milk terms (id:ORC00000095)


3. Experiment station work, XLI : wells and pure water, pickling olives and mock olives, phosphates and soil acidity, hay box or fireless cooker, pure seed v. poor seed, insect enemies of shade trees, disease-resistant clover, feeding whole grain, eradication of wild mustard, improvement of cattle, sterilization of soils for preventing plant diseases, ventilation of stables, hog cots, seedless tomatoes, preserving eggs, American camembert cheese (id:ORC00000101)