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1. Making vinegar in the home and on the farm (id:ORC00000397)


2. Experiment station work, LXXII : compiled from the publications of the agricultural experiment stations : promoting germination of seed, cotton anthracnose, asphaltum treatment for peach tree borer, raising and finishing beef calves, open-shed feeding of steers, four systems of dairy farming, market eggs, uses of the sweet potato, vinegar making from waste grapes, lighting farm houses (id:ORC00000139)


3. Experiment station work, XXXIX : improvements in peach growing, tankage and bone meal for hogs, mulberries, grinding corn for hogs, alfalfa in the eastern states, dips as lice killers, oat culture in the South, digestibility of fish and poultry, improvement of grass land, honey vinegar, succotash as a soiling crop, the farm woodlot (id:ORC00000092)