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1. Experiment station work, LXVI : lawns, cost of market milk, fertilizing asparagus, propagation of starters, turnips for sheep, the plastered silo, loss of lambs (id:ORC00000178)


2. Experiment station work, XLV : the farm home, shrinkage of corn in cribs, lining of ditches and reservoirs, grain for cows at pasture, cement pipe for irrigation and other purposes, starters for ripening cream, water pans for poultry, pollination of forced tomatoes, catching hook for poultry, increasing the productiveness of corn (id:ORC00000112)


3. Experiment station work, XI : excessive irrigation, gestation in cows, cross pollination of plums, the long clam, root pruning of fruit trees, silage for horses and hogs, the oxeye daisy, commercial butter cultures with pasteurized cream, poisoning by wild cherry leaves, preserving eggs, the stave silo (id:ORC00000030)