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1. Organic production evaluation of snap bean (cv UEL-2) (id:IND43805591)


2. The effect of ammonium calcium nitrate, sulphate of ammonia, urea and poultry manure on diseases of beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) (id:IND20519428)


3. Experiment station work, LV : poultry manure, records at dairy herds, early onions in the Southwest, skim-milk buttermilk, oleander poisoning of live stock, whipped cream, fermented cotton-seed meal for hogs, farm butter making, camembert cheese making, wintering farm work horses, cement and concrete fence posts, alfalfa meal as a feeding stuff, mangels for milch cows (id:ORC00000133)


4. Experiment station work, XXVII : hen manure, soft corn, nitrate of soda for field crops, hay substitutes, varieties, culture, and quality of wheat, oak leaves as forage, breeding corn, the covered milk pail, quality of irrigated crops, canning cheese, shading strawberries and vegetables, millet seed for hogs, injuries to shade trees, fertilizers for potatoes (id:ORC00000060)


5. Barnyard manure (id:ORC00000018)