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1. Comparative water relations of wild and cultivated Phaseolus species grown under saline conditions (id:IND43805576)


2. Hydrologic requirements of and consumptive ground-water use by riparian vegetation along tne San Pedro River, Arizona (id:11130)


3. Water relations responses to salinity during early vegetative stage in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) (id:IND43759258)


4. Leaf gas exchange and water relations in young bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) plants under drought conditions (id:IND23299767)


5. Ecophysiological observations within the Phaseolus coccineus complex (id:IND92036960)


6. Drought effects on N concentration and water use in reciprocal grafts of beans with differing drought adaptation (id:IND91054100)


7. Experiment station work, IX : sugar beets on alkali soils, the date palm in the United States, planting and replanting corn, the codling moth, improvement of sorghum, Jerusalem artichokes for pigs, improved culture of potatoes, feeding calves, second-crop potatoes for seed, pasteurization in butter making, gassy and tainted curds, forcing head lettuce, pure culture in cheese making (id:ORC00000029)


8. Water as a factor in the growth of plants (id:IND23300844)