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1. Experiment station work, LVI : incompatibles in fertilizer mixtures, destruction of ellworms in soil, pruning, principles of dry farming, bean anthracnose (id:ORC00000602)


2. Experiment station work, XXXIV : American sugar-beet seed, indoor versus outdoor feeding of steers, stimulants for seeds, profits from spraying potatoes, roughage for steers, winter-injured fruit trees, cheap dairy rations, durum wheat, cotton-seed meal for hogs, fertility of eggs (id:ORC00000082)


3. Experiment station work, XXXVII : breeding corn, grass mulch for orchards, buckwheat, hardiness of young fruit trees, sugar beets on alkali soils, protecting cows from flies, alfalfa as a forage plant, effect of silage on milk, apple bitter rot, cold storage of cheese (id:ORC00000090)


4. Experiment station work, XXX : top-dressing grass land, cranberry culture, extension of corn growing, lime-sulphur-salt wash, peanuts for forage, destroying prairie dogs, winterkilling of fruit trees, clean milk, poultry houses / prepared in the Office of Experiment Stations (id:ORC00000070)


5. Experiment station work, XXXII : lime and clover, damaged wheat as feed, plant food requirements of fruit trees, bedding for cows, apple growing in New York, care of cream on the farm, running out of seed wheat, paying the patrons of creameries, tobacco seed selection, gassy fermentation of Swiss cheese, cover crop for tobacco fields, cereal breakfast foods, yeast as a desinfectant (id:ORC00000074)


6. Experiment station work, XI : excessive irrigation, gestation in cows, cross pollination of plums, the long clam, root pruning of fruit trees, silage for horses and hogs, the oxeye daisy, commercial butter cultures with pasteurized cream, poisoning by wild cherry leaves, preserving eggs, the stave silo (id:ORC00000030)