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1. Genetic variation among switchgrasses for agronomic traits, forage quality, and biomass fuel production : final report for project DE-A105-900R2194 (id:55319)


2. Crotalaria, a new legume for the South (id:CAT87212532)


3. Experiment station work, LX : commercial bean growing, stallion legislation, digestion experiments with range forage crops, tests for casein in milk (id:ORC00000156)


4. Experiment station work, XXXIV : American sugar-beet seed, indoor versus outdoor feeding of steers, stimulants for seeds, profits from spraying potatoes, roughage for steers, winter-injured fruit trees, cheap dairy rations, durum wheat, cotton-seed meal for hogs, fertility of eggs (id:ORC00000082)


5. Experiment station work, XXII : pure water for cows, tropical and subtropical fruits, when to cut forage crops, China asters, lippia, or fog fruit, preserving sweet potatoes, pithiness in celery, food value of beans, irrigation of strawberries, tankage for pigs, farmer's fruit garden, remedies for fleas, management of orchards (id:ORC00000049)


6. Forage plants for cultivation on alkali soils (id:IND43620403)


7. Leguminous forage crops (id:IND23343397)


8. The feeding value of corn stover (id:IND23339872)