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1. Experiment station work, LXXVI : compiled from the publications of the agricultural experiment stations : the farm water supply, sprouting oats for poultry, storage of potatoes, carbolic acid for contagious abortion, the meadow lark, egg production, cooling cream without ice (id:ORC00000380)


2. Experiment station work, LXXII : compiled from the publications of the agricultural experiment stations : promoting germination of seed, cotton anthracnose, asphaltum treatment for peach tree borer, raising and finishing beef calves, open-shed feeding of steers, four systems of dairy farming, market eggs, uses of the sweet potato, vinegar making from waste grapes, lighting farm houses (id:ORC00000139)


3. Experiment station work, L : commercial clover seed, coagulation of milk in cheese making, dodder in alfalfa seed, growing potatoes under straw, effect of alkali on cement structures, hens versus incubators, silo construction, preparing fowls for market, a cheap and effective sterilizer, preservation of eggs, a cheap and efficient ice box, the mound-building prairie ant, the power laundry for the farm (id:ORC00000123)


4. Experiment station work, XLI : wells and pure water, pickling olives and mock olives, phosphates and soil acidity, hay box or fireless cooker, pure seed v. poor seed, insect enemies of shade trees, disease-resistant clover, feeding whole grain, eradication of wild mustard, improvement of cattle, sterilization of soils for preventing plant diseases, ventilation of stables, hog cots, seedless tomatoes, preserving eggs, American camembert cheese (id:ORC00000101)


5. Experiment station work, XLIII : ice for household use, cooperation in marketing crops, culture and varieties of root crops, incubation of eggs, causes of death in young chicks, cowpeas and soybeans, snow for poultry, silage from frosted corn, eradication of cattle tick, bacteria in cream (id:ORC00000107)


6. Experiment station work, XXXVI : water for table use, beet molasses and pulp, phosphates, feed lots, winter wheat, guinea fowls, glutenous and starchy wheats, color of eggs, dry farming, spraying for scale insects, methods of canning, white pine in New England (id:ORC00000087)


7. Experiment station work, XXXVIII : loss of nitrogen from soils, treatment of calf scours, manure as affected by food, preserving eggs, continuous corn culture, wheat bran, pasturing wheat, testing individual cows, storage of sweet potatoes, clean milk, rotting of potatoes in storage, cleanliness in the dairy, hog cots, grading cream, the disinfection of stables, paraffin in dairying, the effect of horsetail weeds on horses (id:ORC00000091)


8. Experiment station work, XI : excessive irrigation, gestation in cows, cross pollination of plums, the long clam, root pruning of fruit trees, silage for horses and hogs, the oxeye daisy, commercial butter cultures with pasteurized cream, poisoning by wild cherry leaves, preserving eggs, the stave silo (id:ORC00000030)