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1. Experiment station work, LXXVI : compiled from the publications of the agricultural experiment stations : the farm water supply, sprouting oats for poultry, storage of potatoes, carbolic acid for contagious abortion, the meadow lark, egg production, cooling cream without ice (id:ORC00000380)


2. Experiment station work, LXX : compiled from the publications of the agricultural experiment stations : improvement of sandy soils, utilization of roughage, alfalfa and corn for lambs, feeding alfalfa hay to swine, cooperative herd testing, cooperative cattle breeding, losses due to low-grade cream, disposing of waste dips, care of farm machinery (id:ORC00000136)


3. Experiment station work, LXXI : compiled from the publications of the agricultural experiment stations : improved varieties of timothy, hardy alfalfa, harvesting soy beans, soy beans for silage, fat milk of cows at time of calving, clean cream (id:ORC00000135)


4. Experiment station work, LXVII : screening cabbage seed beds, experiments in beef production, spraying apple orchards, preparation of choice hams, new type of spray nozzle, factors affecting fat in cream, preparation of corn for hogs (id:ORC00000179)


5. Experiment station work, XLV : the farm home, shrinkage of corn in cribs, lining of ditches and reservoirs, grain for cows at pasture, cement pipe for irrigation and other purposes, starters for ripening cream, water pans for poultry, pollination of forced tomatoes, catching hook for poultry, increasing the productiveness of corn (id:ORC00000112)


6. Experiment station work, XLIII : ice for household use, cooperation in marketing crops, culture and varieties of root crops, incubation of eggs, causes of death in young chicks, cowpeas and soybeans, snow for poultry, silage from frosted corn, eradication of cattle tick, bacteria in cream (id:ORC00000107)


7. Experiment station work, XXXVIII : loss of nitrogen from soils, treatment of calf scours, manure as affected by food, preserving eggs, continuous corn culture, wheat bran, pasturing wheat, testing individual cows, storage of sweet potatoes, clean milk, rotting of potatoes in storage, cleanliness in the dairy, hog cots, grading cream, the disinfection of stables, paraffin in dairying, the effect of horsetail weeds on horses (id:ORC00000091)


8. Experiment station work, XXXII : lime and clover, damaged wheat as feed, plant food requirements of fruit trees, bedding for cows, apple growing in New York, care of cream on the farm, running out of seed wheat, paying the patrons of creameries, tobacco seed selection, gassy fermentation of Swiss cheese, cover crop for tobacco fields, cereal breakfast foods, yeast as a desinfectant (id:ORC00000074)