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1. Braising a less-tender steak : you can turn many another low-cost cut into such braised dishes as casserole and brown stew (id:1759241)


2. Broiling tender steaks and chops .. : whether broiling by direct heat or pan-broiling, sear quickly then finish at moderate heat (id:1759239)


3. Do you know meat cuts and cook according to the cut? : tender cuts ... : less-tender cuts ... (id:1759236)


4. Ground meat in savory ways : after grinding less-tender meat you can broil or roast it as if it were tender (id:1759242)


5. Pot-roasting a less-tender cut : long, slow cooking with a lid to hold in the steam is the way to make tough meat tender (id:1759240)


6. Roasting a tender cut .. : the easy, modern way to cook any tender roast of beef, lamb, or pork, with a good covering of fat (id:1759237)


7. Stuffing : low-priced tender roasts : for other good stuffed roasts try lamb shoulder, fresh ham and pork shoulder, and spareribs (id:1759238)